Netagio Launches Exchange for Gold, Sterling and Bitcoin ...

Tim Swanson names Maidsafe as one of the companies to potentially create value in this digital ecosystem (article on
'' Below is a list of companies I think have potential to create value in this digital ecosystem – embryonic solutions to this quagmire (I hold no equity in them):
•API: Chain, Blockr, HelloBlock, BlockCypher, HiBitcoin
•Analytics: Coinalytics, Coinometrics, Blocktrail, Quantabytes •KYC: CoinTrust, Block Score, Coin Validation
•Decentralized cloud: MaidSafe, StackMonkey, decloud, Bitcloud, StorJ
•Lending: BTCJam, Bitreserve, Bitfinex •Peg: Netagio, Ripple Singapore, Digital Tangible Trust, Melotic ''
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Bitcoin storage firm Netagio has today launched an exchange that allows users to trade bitcoin, pounds sterling and gold. The exchange offers users three ... Previously, we stated that Netagio temporarily shut down due to Capital International Group ceasing banking relations with all Bitcoin businesses in the UK. We corrected the article, which now states that Netagio secured a new banking relationship 10 days after a two week notice was issued by CIG. Lastly, we updated the article to say that Netagio audited themselves; previously, we stated that ... Netagio closed the order books on February 16, as well as the Bitcoin, GBP, USD, and EUR exchange platform. Netagio is not filing for bankruptcy or closing — it is just changing its business model. Starting on March 19, Netagio will be providing vault storage services for those looking to keep their assets in a safe place. Netagio itself keeps most of its Bitcoins in offline storage, with a small proportion of its funds in its ‘hot’ wallet . Despite the push for greater accountability and transparency, the price of a single Bitcoin has fallen dramatically from its peak value of $1,242 in November 2013 to just $210 by January 2015. At the same time, Bitcoin is ... Netagio has announced the closure of its bitcoin and fiat currency exchange platforms, with a view of launching a wealth storage business next month.

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Earn free bitcoin with metizer - YouTube

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