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Hong Kong. Can't get cash, Bitcoin isn't helping

This seems like a great use-case for Bitcoin to me:
I can't find a way to get cash at the moment here. I'm just on a tourist visa at the moment, waiting for a better visa to be processed. When that finally gets processed I'll be allowed a local bank account, which means I can withdraw cash.
Cash is required for the transport system here. Unfortunately my debit card was eaten by the ATM the other day so I have to take cash out via a credit card. This is very expensive. Cash is so common here I'm having to pay through the nose while a new card arrives. I have to pay fees also for the debit card on cash anyway.
1) I contacted many used goods sellers asking if they would be happy to accept Bitcoin. They all refused. A shop selling used goods replied that they can accept a credit card... but they charge 3% for the privilege.
2) In the population of 7 million here there is 1 person selling cash in exchange for Bitcoin on Local Trader. That person is not replying to messages.
3) Local Bitcoins has a few traders but all except one are wanting bank transfers. Banks will not take a customer here without a local ID card.
4) Even a few Taobao sellers in China have refused to accept Bitcoin. That might have been handy.
5) ANXBTC is based here but they are quite expensive for cash withdrawals and it will take a while to setup I'd imagine.
Any other ideas? I only need around 10,000HKD (1,000USD) to cover buying the things I can only really get with cash over the next (hopefully just) 2 or 3 weeks.
In the end I think I'm going to have to just pay the fees. It totally sucks. There should be a card you can load with cash and then withdraw. I can only assume such a thing gets abused?
Edit: Thanks for all your support :) I'll be in contact
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Wagecan shut down their bitcoin-to-mastercard service. Looking for an alternative ...

I live in Southeast Asia and I have used Hong Kong-based for over 6 months, I guess. The service was certainly up to snuff. They are an agent for
I recently received an email from wagecan, however, that the Hong Kong Monetary Authority no longer allows God-knows-what and that they have to terminate their global service. Duh.
So, I thought that I would use, also in Hong Kong, but they have also had to shut down their global bitcoin prepaid card service.
So, now I am looking for an alternative to these services, in another country, to avoid the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
Just like before, I just want to dump bitcoins onto an address, let the service do the market operations, and notify me that I can draw a given amount of USD with my prepaid card from pretty much any ATM.
I also use proper bitcoin exchanges, but then for larger amounts. The dump-draw-forget prepaid card services are really good for smaller, quick and dirty, I-need-a-few-hundred-bucks-now situations.
So, goodbye Hong Kong and its financial services, for now. What's my next destination? Any suggestion? ;-)
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For those looking for a bitcoin debit card that can be used globally and not just in Australia...

I don't want this post to sound like an ad, but Hong Kong-based ANX is one of the lesser-known exchanges and I think most people simply aren't aware that their debit card product even exists.
I've been using the international debit card from ANX for the last couple weeks, and it has helped me transition to paying for almost EVERYTHING in bitcoin (in a roundabout way, I suppose).
It has a much higher limit than typical pre-paid debit cards. Other cards I've used in the past would have a $3,300 annual limit and could not be topped up once that limit was reached. The card can hold a balance of $50,000 (usd) and is limited to $1000 ATM withdrawal per day. Also the $50,000 limit is not annual, it can have that much at one time and can be recharged up to that point an unlimited amount of times.
The card is free to use for POS/online purchases, but unfortunately charges 1% for ATM withdrawals. I think the exchange rate they give you when recharging is also slightly less favorable than spot price (even though they claim no top-up fee). Alas, they have to make money on this product somehow, and those fees do not seem too ridiculous.
The initial cost to get the card is somewhat steep (mine was 0.37 BTC, including shipping), but it has more than made up for that in proving itself useful to me. So far I've successfully used it at ATMs, brick and mortar POS, and for purchasing online goods.
Here's a link to compare the different kinds of cards they offer:
Note: I am not employed by ANX, just a very happy customer! I've been using their platform for trading for more than a year without issue.
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ANXBTC.COM offers an easy, secure, and affordable platform to buy and sell the Bitcoin crypto-currency. ANXBTC.COM offers a 24 hour online exchange that provides the automated matching of orders between its registered members and it strives to be your Bitcoin connection by making the experience as effortless as possible. The parent company (ANX, formerly known as Asia Nexgen) was established ... Hong Kong-based exchange ANX is introducing a reloadable debit card that can be used across the globe. ANX customers load their cards from bitcoin balances (effectively selling bitcoins to ANX) or ... YOUR MOST TRUSTED BITCOIN EXCHANGE At ANXBTC, we are committed in providing a safe, globally-compliant and reputable platform for you to securely buy and sell Bitcoins. We are a fully licensed operator with strong compliance policies ensuring we are the most trustworthy Bitcoin exchange platform. ANX’s achievements to date include introducing the world’s first physical Bitcoin retail store, the world’s 3rd Bitcoin ATM machine, multi-currency online Bitcoin exchange platforms (ANXPRO.COM & ANXBTC.COM), and mobile APPs for crypto currencies. ANX was one of the first firms specializing in crypto-currencies to be issued with a Money Services Operator (MSO) license for foreign ... / Archives for ANXBTC. ANX To Offer Debit Card Reloadable With Bitcoin and StartCOIN. January 5, 2015 By JP Buntinx Leave a Comment. Over the past 6 months or so, an interesting trend has emerged in the world of BItcoin and cryptocurrency. Several companies are currently working on providing the digital currency community with debit cards, which can in turn be loaded and reloaded with Bitcoin ...

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How To Apply For Bitcoin ATM Card In Nigeria

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Or Debit Card Huobi Referral link: Referral Code: hpm35 CryptoU:ht... I will show how to buy bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM. We are using the genesis where you can buy or sell Bitcoin We will use our Coinbase app as a wallet. Use C... In this video, I do a live bitcoin purchase from a Bitcoin ATM Machine using cash. This machine is from Coinsource and is located at 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #4... Let your Bitcoins do everything your credit cards can do! Transfer your Bitcoins directly to your ANX debit card anytime anywhere! Spend your bitcoins at any global ATM network, make POS purchases ... Bitcoin