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[Table] IAmA dark web expert, investigative journalist and true crime author. I’ve met dark web kingpins in far flung prisons and delved the murky depths of child predator forums. I’ve written six books and over a dozen Casefile podcast episodes. AMA (part 2/2)

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Around here nobody talks about the argument that increased regulation of the internet would help stop child predators. Is that true, and if so where do you fall on the Net Neutrality vs law enforcement spectrum? No I don't think that's true at all. Child predators have been around much longer than the internet, and I would argue child abuse was more prevalent 50+ years ago when children were seen and not heard and it wasn't talked about. The dark web hasn't created more predators, it has just given them a new place to gather and hang out.
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused.
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That's so interesting, thanks for the AMA! Can you remember any other thing that a child could do in order to protect himself from being abused? What other characteristics do the abusers hate in potential victims? That seems to be the main one. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
What do folks talk about in the child predator forums? Do they like give each other advice on how to improve their craft? Yes, quite literally. The give each other tips on how not to get caught, how to edit out incriminating details in videos, how to drug children, techniques for convincing kids not to tell etc
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Given your insight into how predators operate, do you have any advice for parents on protecting their kids? I'll cut'n'paste a response i gave to someone else about this, because it was something that really stuck out to me:
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
Has the exponential increase in Bitcoin value affected darknet dealers in any profound way? I can imagine that some drug dealers were sitting on quite a large sum of Bitcoin when the value shot up. Crypto purists hate to admit it, but bitcoin would not be where it is today without Silk Road. It was sitting at less than a dollar when Silk Road began and the markets showed a robust use case for cryptocurrency and as the markets grew, so did the demand for bitcoin. It also provided real-life use data for those who were not interested in drugs but who weren't sure if it had practical application. When SR went down, Bitcoin was at about $650 and it continued to grow as adoption became more mainstream. There are many many stories of drug dealers (and at least one faux-hitman!) who gained most of their wealth not by selling the drugs, but by the growth in value of their bitcoin holdings
Since you have a lot of experience with them online. Do you think pedophiles(not child abusers) should be treated as criminals, or as people suffering from a mental illness? Contact offenders should be treated as criminals, because they are criminals. They have abused or hurt someone. Same with those who support the creation and dissemination of child abuse materials.
Pedophiles who do not act on their urges should be given as much help as humanly possible.
Are there any mysterious or suspicious pages or communities that you haven’t been able to access? Anything that seems especially weird? there are a lot of Russian communities that I can't access, mostly because I don't speak Russian. Some of the more technical hacking communities have entry barriers that I'm not technical enough to score an invite to
How much these bad people really exist out there? Hundreds? Thousands? More? It depends what you mean by bad. If you mean people who use the dark web to buy drugs (who I do not consider bad) then there are many many thousands. There are also thousands of people who deal in stolen information to make money.
Unfortunately there are also thousands of child predators and the dark web has provided a "safe space" for them to come together to share materials and "tips". I hope this is where most of the resources of law enforcement are concentrated
Ehy mine is a rare question: what do you know about art on dark web? I'm talking about the black market made of stolen important pieces from museums, art used as value to money laundry and other criminal affairs I'm an artist and what I know is people don't think too much about the dark side of art and probably they need to open their eyes about I really haven't come across much in the way of that. Some of the markets have an "art" section, but that is mostly blotter art
How accurate are the legends? Any legends in particular? For a lowdown copied from a post I made in another forum:
1Red Rooms  The one that is most persistent is the myth of the "Red Room" - live streaming of torture/rape that ends in the murder of the victim and which people can pay to watch, or even bid to type in commands for the torturer to carry out (highest bid wins!). The most famous was the “ISIS Red Room” pictured above, where people could provide instructions to torture captured terrorists - you can read what happened here.
People have this idea of Hostel with webcams exist all over the dark web, but you just need an invite to get into them. It's ridiculous. They don't exist. They certainly wouldn't exist on Tor. But people are desperate to believe and they always come back with "You can't prove they don't exist, people are crazy, therefore they must exist." Picture my eyes rolling here.
2.Hitman sites
I don't think many people are taken in by the hitmen sites anymore, though the press loves playing up the fact that there are sites offering up hitman services. But every single one of them has turned out to be a scam, especially Besa Mafia, the one that did the most marketing. Again, you can read about it at the same link as above.
3.Exotic animals  People are always asking where they can find markets for exotic animals. Obviously the illegal trade in exotic animals exists, and some communications and transactions may well take place over Tor, but there are no markets like the drug markets where you can go and look at a picture and then put a tiger or ocelot or something into your basket and buy it with bitcoin.
1.People buy and sell drugs.
The drug markets are more busy than ever. You have probably heard of Silk Road, the most famous online drug market that got busted a few years ago and the owner sent to prison for two consecutive life terms? A lot of people thought that was the end of drugs being sold on the dark web. In fact, dark web sales of drugs have tripled since the shutdown of Silk Road.
The reason people buy drugs this way is that for many they offer a safer alternative for people who are going to do drugs anyway. There is no possibility of any violence. The vast majority of the time a buyer knows exactly what they are getting, because of the feedback and rating system. That's not the case in a nightclub, or even friends-of-friends, where you just blindly accept that the pill, powder or tab is what the seller says it is.
2.People buy and sell other illegal things
Mostly they buy and sell stolen credit cards and financial information, fake IDs (though lots of these are scams), personal information, “dumps” of hacked data and fraud-related items. For a long time, a seller was making a fortune selling fake discount coupons that really worked.
3.People access and create childporn  Unlike the other markets, the CP market is generally not for money, but rather they are groups who swap vile images and videos for free. The worst of the worst is called “hurtcore’. Thankfully, most of the people behind the worst sites have been arrested and put in jail.
4.People talk about stuff
There are plenty of sites, forums and chatrooms where people talk about all sorts of things - conspiracies, aliens, weird stuff. They take advantage of the anonymity.
5.People anonymously release information
Whistleblowers use the dark web to release information and make sure their identities won't be compromised. You will find Wikileaks, for example, on the dark web.
6.People surf the web anonymously
The number 1 thing people use the dark web for is just to surf the web completely anonymously. Not everybody wants to be tracked by advertisers.
I have a question: what are the odds of the casual Darkweb drug buyer - not buying mega loads all the time - the occasional purchase - what are the risks of being busted? Kinda figuring pretty low. But you’re the expert. What do you think? Obviously there is always a risk, but the risk is very low. It is rare for personal amounts to be seized. Even if a package is seized, there's usually no resources to follow it up. Many people report simply receiving a letter from Customs saying they have seized what they believe is contraband and the person has a choice of going to claim it or it will be destroyed. Even if LE does knock on the door there is plausible deniability: "I don't know who sent that stuff to me".
So yeah, rare, but it does happen. You might be the unlucky one
How do you find things on the dark web without search engines? There are a lot of entry sites, set up with links to the most popular places. You can generally get a link to one of them by browsing places like reddit. From there it is a matter of checking out different places, people will put links in forums etc.
I also use a Pastebin where people paste sites they have made/found, and a Fresh Onion site, which crawls all the newly-populated .onion addresses
Hi. there!! Thank you for answering questions. Mine is very simple. How do sellers get the drugs to people? Regular mail? That's always puzzled me bc I'd assume USPS, UPS, fedEx or any other mail carrier would catch at least some goods. If people are ordering drugs, particularly in powder form, for personal use, they can be flattened, sealed in MBB (moisture barrier baggies) and sent in a regular business envelope, indistinguishable from billions of other envelopes going through the postal system every day. The chances of a particular package being intercepted is very low.
Some people take the extra precaution of having the person taking delivery of the drugs different to the person/household that is ordering them.
How did you move from being a corporate lawyer to researching and writing about dark web? I was in London, working for one of the most conservative law firms in the world when the Global Financial Crisis hit. I liked the job but it struck me when people were losing their livelihoods that I was working for the bad guys. I'd always wanted to be a writer so when I came back to Australia I quit law and enrolled in a writing course planning to be a novelist, but I discovered I was better at journalism. I first wrote for newspapers here about Silk Road and it grew from there
I've always wanted to check out the dark web, what is a normal day for you look like on there? Can you give me any tips on how to safely surf the dark web? A normal day looks like me sitting at my desk writing things on my computer. When I'm researching a book or a case I venture away from my computer to trials and to interview people (at least I did pre-COVID)
There is nothing inherently unsafe in surfing the dark web. All the usual precautions you take surfing the clearweb apply. Don't visit any child exploitation sites - it will be pretty obvious that's what they are by the names/descriptions before you log in.
It is only when you want to do more than surfing - e.g. buying drugs etc - that you need to do a LOT of homework or you will absolutely get scammed
Is there anything good about the dark web? It depends what you are into. A lot of academic research has concluded that the darknet markets provide a safer way for people to buy and use drugs, due to the ratings of vendors, services that independently test and report back on batches of drugs, doctor on staff ready to answer questions, no violence in transactions etc.
News sites provide a dark web option so that whistleblowers can safety provide information and upload documents that get stripped of any identifying metadata before being available.
It bypasses firewalls and allows for secure communications under hostile regimes
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How does this make you feel about the idea of the decriminalization of drugs? I've always been for full legalization of drugs, and studying the darknet markets just proved I was right.
I was invited to an experts roundtable in Portugal about drugs and cybercrime a few years ago and the Portugal model of decriminalisation has been a great success
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Hey, you are still answering. Been reading this thread for 1-2 hours now. Thank you so much for all the good work and info! Always been intrigued by this topic, downloaded tor once to explore a bit but couldn’t and deleted it right away, to be on the safer side. Great insights. Thanks! I've been writing it for about 14 hours. Going a bit loopy
How was working on Casefile? What's the production process like? Which episodes did u do?? I have listened to... all of them.... I absolutely LOVE working for Casefile. I am a freelancer, so I source and write my own cases and then sell the scripts to Casefile. I've done at least a dozen, but some of my most popular are Amy Allwine, Mark & John, Ella Tundra, Leigh Leigh, Rebecca Schaeffer...
As for the production process, once I have sold the script to them, a staff member edits them and then they are passed on to Casey to narrate. After that, they go to Mike for sound editing, music etc. They are the best team ever
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Oh, Leigh Leigh was so well written!! How do you choose which stories to write? Do you just pick true crime you're interested in? Thank you! I have a huge list of potential episodes. Any time I come across an interesting crime on reddit, or in the news or wherever I make a note of it. Then I just pick one when it comes time to write a new script.
Sometimes I've been personally involved (e.g. Amy Allwine), gone to trials etc. Those are always the best ones
Hi Eiley, your twitter just reminded me of this AMA :) What are your thoughts on bitcoin? And would you prefer to be paid in crypto or fiat? OOOOH, I know that name! Love & Light to you!
I like Bitcoin and I wish I had a whole lot of it and like many many people, I wish I had kept the first crypto I bought at something like $4 a coin :D I do not have a whole lot of it but I do have a little bit. I like the philosophy behind it and in theory it should change the world. However the reality is that the vast majority of it is concentrated in a very few hands which allows for market manipulation and stops it being useful as a post-fiat currency.
As long as I'm getting paid, I'm pretty happy!
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I too remember your name Pluto! Such a decent human ❤ he is!! True OG right there <3
Is the dark web subject to more racism than its counterpart, the world wide web? There are some white power sites and that sort of thing and the chans are even more uncensored than the clearweb ones (4chan, 8chan) but to be honest they are the same cesspools in different spots. Drug forums don't seem to be very racist. I've seen worse on Twitter
Have you seen any consequential political or social organizing being carried out on the dark web? Not directly, but the dark web helped facilitate the Arab Spring uprising in 2010 by allowing activists to remain anonymous and to access blocked websites and social media. Wikileaks, obviously. Some white supremacy organizations seem to use it to coordinate attacks, but they are not places I'm keen to hang out in.
What’s the most expensive thing for sale you’ve seen on the dark web? What was surprisingly inexpensive? I can't remember specific listings, but there were sometimes sales of things like coke by the kilo, so that sort of thing I guess.
LSD could easily be found for $1/tab and one huge dealer gave it away for free if it was for personal use
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1. I’m going to ask a couple in hopes that one will catch your interest! I know you’re anonymous on the dark web, but even so, have you ever felt worried about your safety? I actually made the decision to be upfront and honest about who I am on the dark web, so I use the name OzFreelancer (which is easily traceable to my real name) on all the dark web sites where i went looking for interviews. The people there had the option of talking to me or not, so they had no reason to want to harm me.
2. I’ve found your comments about your relationship with Yura fascinating. Did y’all develop a friendship? Did you build any other relationships that stand out in your mind? Since you were straightforward about being on the dark web for stories, did people seem reluctant to communicate, or were they excited for the opportunity to divulge a secret? We do have a friendship of sorts, it is really quite weird. I do hope to met him one day. I met all of the senior staff of Silk Road other than the Dread Pirate Roberts himself and keep in touch with some. Some people wanted nothing to do with me of course, but many more were happy to talk to me. i think sometimes it was a relief to them to be able to talk to one person who they knew was who they said they were.
3. On violent forums, did users ever express remorse, guilt, shame, or anything indicative of some recognition that what they were viewing/seeking was awful? Do you see doxxing teams on the dark web working together to uncover info, or is the info already there through previous hacks/breaches, and someone just accesses and releases it? Sorry if any of those don’t make sense! I’m not familiar with the dark web lingo but am so intrigued by your work. Not really. I think if they were contributing to the forums, they were comfortable with who they were and what they were doing. Many of the "regular" pedophiles expressed revulsion about Lux and hurtcore sites though
these have probably been asked before but has there ever been a time where you where genuinely been scared for your life and whats the most messed up thing you've witnessed did you have any help? Yeah both things have been answered in this thread, so I'll cut'n'paste
The only time I've felt even slightly in danger despite all this nosing around in there was when I helped uncover a hitman scam. The owner of Besa Mafia, the most profitable murder-for-hire site in history, came after me when I started writing about him. He made loads of threats ("you don't know who I am, but I know who you are and where you live") but that wasnt scary, as I had access to the backdoor of his site thanks to a friendly hacker and knew he didn't really want to hurt anybody.
It took a bit of a darker turn when he told the people who had signed up to work as hitmen on his site - and who he made video themselves burning cars with signs on them to advertise how legit his site was, then never sent them the promised money for doing so - that I was the owner of the site who had ripped them off. That could have become ugly, but luckily even the thugs weren't dumb enough to believe him.
The only other time I've been a bit nervous was when Homeland Security wanted to have a "friendly" meeting with me on one of my trips to the US to attend a trial. They were friendly, but scary too.
The most frightening experience I've ever had is coming face to face with Lux, the owner of Pedoempire and Hurt2theCore, the most evil and reviled person on the entire dark web. He was responsible for procuring and hosting Daisy's Destruction, the most repulsive video ever made, created by Peter Scully, whose crimes were so bad, the Philippines are considering reinstating the death penalty especially for him.
It wasn't frightening because Lux was frightening - he was anything but. It was frightening because he looked so inoffensive and normal.
It was frightening because he was living proof that monsters walk among us and we never know.
[deleted] It is absolute crap for browsing the clearweb, and a lot of sites detect that it is odd traffic and you have to solve their CAPTCHAs before doing the most basic things
I’m sure you’ve seen some really bad stuff, do you regularly talk to a therapist to help? I've never seen a therapist (they don't really seem to be a thing in Australia they way they are in the US), but I have been known to unload on my partner and my dog
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Yo, speaking as an Aussie, they absolutely are a thing, you can get them covered thru medicare, and I recommend it if you possibly can! Bro, therapy is awesome. I'm not against therapy as a thing, but I've honestly never been so traumatised that I feel I need it. Also I had a bad experience with a psychologist after I watched my partner die in an accident - they suggested I find God, and I noped out of there
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Therapist is an American term- we call them psychs. And the one who told you to find God was terrible and out of line. Yeah she didn't last long before I was over it. Also a doctor decided I needed Xanax, which was also a bad move, because what I really needed was to grieve and Xanax doesn't let you do that properly
Do you find any good things on the dark web? Happy stuff that gives people hope? Or just the trash? I like the psychonaut communities. They just want peace, love and mungbeans for everybody
Have you heard of "The Primarch System" rumor of the dark web? Sounds downright silly to me. But I'm curious if anyone who spends time on the deep web actually takes it seriously, or if as an idea it is connected to anything serious at all. Nah, up there with the Shadow Web and Mariana's Web. There's always people who want to find out where the "deeper" "more secret" "really dark" stuff is. To them I say what, hurtcore isn't dark enough for you?
Doesn't delving the murky depths of child predator forums categorize you with the child predators in the eyes of an investigating law enforcement agency? Do you have some sort of amnesty due to your journalism, or is that something you worry about having to explain away? Has your presence there ever caused some sort of a scare? No, I never went into any of the sites that had actual photos or videos (you can't un-see that shit), but did spend a lot of time in pedophile discussion forums. I also went to a hurtcore hearing and saw screenshots in the police files, as well as listening for two days to videos being described frame-by-frame and private communications between the site owner and the sadists.
Besides drugs and sex crimes, what else is going on in the dark web? Are there other interesting nooks and crannies? I often post screenshots of bizarre sites I find on my Twitter. However, the main uses for the dark web are drugs, digital/fraud goods and child exploitation
I have one, it might be rather boring though, but here goes. On these "child predator forums" are they actually forums devoted to stalking children and do they share social media profiles of children among themselves? That would be kik ids, snapchat and facebook ids, instagram, stuff like that, info that would allow online access and that may have been chosen for suitability? Creepy question I know, but anyway I would be interested to hear your answer. I came here from TrueCrime, you referred to these things in your post on that sub. I suspect I already know the answer yet would like to hear your take on it. Yes, they provide information and tips on how to approach children, how to ensure they won't tell, how to sedate them in some instances, where to find child exploitation material, how to remove metadata and any identifying characteristics in photos and videos before sharing and so on.
They don't tend to share socia media, as that is the sort of thing that can be traced easily. They do talk about how to approach kids on social media and on the worst forums how to blackmail children into stripping/meeting etc
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So you're saying they have a more general approach rather than identifying individual children on the internet? Again a creepy question because what I suggest is that a child's social media could be used and circulated on the dark web as potential information to gain access by anonymity, even if it was just online access only. I actually wonder as I have recently read of the anonymity of apps like ''kik messenger'' and how the police are often unable to get any information from the communications as they remain encrypted and off the server and require little if any valid ID to make an account. No doubt photos from social media are uploaded as part of the materials they have. I haven't seen anything where they get together and try to track down a specific child, but I'm sure some predators do this. Most are more likely to abuse children in their orbit - family, kids of friends, or they work where they have access to children
I heard there are forums to download books but it was really dangerous, Is it true? I'm just a poor guy who wants to finish the young Jack sparrow series Whenever you download anything from a pirate site you run the risk of infection
What do you think of QAnon? Wackjob conspiracy
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Who should the conspiracy theorists actually be worried about if they actually care about thwarting pedophilia? The vast, vast majority of child abuse takes place within the child's personal orbit - relatives, family friends, parents of their own friends, people involved in their activities (coaches, leaders, etc)
So, those people
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Also how to we get people to stop believing in QAnon? Outside my area of expertise, sorry
do you personally believe there was/is any truth to the "defense" (story) that DPR was a title handed down to different admins for the original silk road, or was it just a convenient defense? do you have any theories as to who satoshi nakamoto is? besides the original SR, are there any other darkweb markets that you think have a good enough story to turn into a book? eg sheep market? i've seen you talk a little about the child predator forums, and (as with h2tc) noted are mainly populated by males. i'm curious if you've ever encountered females on such forums/websites (eg. btfk) No. There was a time that I believed the person posting on the forums as DPR changed, but the ownership and administration of the market I believe never changed hands. Variety Jones is claiming a part ownership (which may or may not be true) but I believe that is so he can run a Fourth Amendment argument
So many theories have some credibility to them, but no one theory ticks all the boxes. Highly recommend the 3-part youtube deep dive by Barely Sociable
I'm not sure any one market has the story that Silk Road had, but I would like to write a definitive history that encompasses the most compelling features of all the markets. Backopy of BMR apparently got away clean. The admins of Atlantis got wind of a security issue and closed shop, trying to warn DPR. AlphaBay ended in Alexander Cazes death in a Bangkok prison cell. Then everyone flocked to Hansa, which by that time was being run by law enforcement. Evolution ended in the most brazen exit scam, followed by a bizarre cloak'n'dagger situation played out right here on reddit. The WSM/DDW follow-the-money case. And these are just some that come right off the top of my head. I just need a publisher to provide me an advance I can live off while I write it!
There were a very few people on the forums who identified as female (obvs anyone can be anyone on a dark web forum) and there have been one or two arrests of women in relation to dark web child pornography. Peter Scully's female assistant who carried out some of the torture was originally one of his victims, turned into a sadist.
What’s the one lingering unanswered question you have about SR? I am hanging out for Joel Ellingson to go to trial so that I can find out once and for all whether redandwhite, lucydrop and Tony76 are one and the same person.
There are several people who I got to "know" by their handles who I wonder about from time to time, but mostly I hope they are safe and well and i don't want to track them down or expose them
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Eileen, I am fangirling PRE-TTY hard right now. Talking SR and Tony76 with you is how I imagine it feels to talk to a royal correspondent about Prince Andrew 😅 Ellingson being all three would be a very neat end to an otherwise insane story. Part of me wants to pin Oracle in with that trio too but that’s mostly a desperate attempt from me to add another layer to the madness. I miss the twists and turns that came with the rise and fall of SR. From your own experience - would you agree with the idea that more than one person staffed the DPR account? Thanks for the reply! Ha! You have no idea what it is like when I find someone who really knows about this stuff and can have informed conversations about it. I latch onto them and don't let go. The very BEST was meeting up with DPR's three deputies (SSBD in Australia, Inigo in US and Libertas in Ireland) so I could actually have conversations with people who knew more than I did! Variety Jones was cool too, but the conversation couldn't flow too freely thanks to him being incarcerated in Bangkok prison at the time.
I think others sometimes posted from the forum account, but Ulbricht kept a vice-like grip on his market account
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I can imagine it’s so satisfying and exciting to get those tidbits of info that piece the jigsaw together. The bedlam that played out over the forum in the aftermath was a cloud of paranoia and adrenaline that kept me refreshing pages for days. Would love to hear accounts from SSBD, Inigo and Libertas from this time. One last question: what were your thoughts when the Chloe Ayling story first broke? I assumed it was a publicity stunt. I don't think that any more. I guess I can't blame her for milking her kidnapping for publicity in the aftermath, though I don't think she does herself any favors the way she goes about it sometimes
Sorry if this has been covered before but in your research, mainly related to child abuse, where are these children coming from? Children in their care/ family? Kidnapped? The vast majority of child abuse is carried out by someone within their social circle - family and acquaintances. However, the hurtcore stuff was often carried out in third world countries on orphans or where desperate families gave up their children to "benefactors" who they believed were going to provide food an education
What Casefile episodes have you written? I became obsessed with it and ripped through all the episodes and now nothing will fill that void. Thanks for your efforts! Casefile – the murder of Amy Allwine
Casefile – Blue Skies, Black Death
Casefile – Ella Tundra
Casefile – Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs
Casefile – Motown Murders
Casefile – Rebecca Schaeffer
Casefile – Sian Kingi
Casefile – John & Mark
Casefile – Shauna Howe
Casefile – Chloe Ayling
Casefile – Johnny Altinger
Casefile – Killer Petey
Casefile – The Santa Claus Bank Robbery
Casefile – Martha Puebla
Casefile – Leigh Leigh
Is there any way parents can keep their kids safe from this without being helicopter parents? I'll cut'n'paste a response i gave to someone else about this, because it was something that really stuck out to me:
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
What does it take in terms of degrees and experience to get into this business? Nothing official. I was a lawyer, but that had no bearing on what I do now (I did corporate law). I didn't have any official credentials when I began as a freelance journalist, though later I got a diploma of professional writing and editing. Anyone can be an author, provided they can write
If you could take a guess from your findings, what would be some speculative statistics on these abuse/torture sites? How many people (tens of thousands?) are involved? Do they generally come from the same places in the world or are they seemingly geographically random (based on victim ethnicity, or language spoken, perhaps)... what are some quantifying stats to wrap our heads around how prevalent this shit is? Most dark web users come from western countries, just because infrastructure supports it. The sites often have tens of thousands of registered users, but a lot of them would be people for whom curiosity got the better of them and who signed up then left. Active users more like in the thousands, hyper-active users the hundreds.
One of the things that makes life difficult for law enforcement is that most of these sites don't operate on a commercial basis - people aren't making money from them, so there is no cryptocurrency chain to follow. They operate on a sharing basis and to get access to the more private parts of the sites, a user has to upload "fresh" material and/or prove they are actively abusing a child. Hurt2theCore used to get users to have the children hold up signs or have the site name or a username written on their bodies with a marker. This stopped law enforcement from getting access to those parts (like the "producers lounge") of the sites unless they were able to take over an account of a user who already had access. Even then, the rules of the hurtcore sites would require constant new proof in order to maintain access.
Some sites allowed people to buy access, such as one called "Welcome to Video" and then were taken down by law enforcement carrying out blockchain analysis of the Bitcoin transaction that led to the owner when they cashed out to fiat without moneylaundering precautions
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Do you think LE uses deep fakes to simulate a picture to gain access? Is that possible? It is definitely possible, but I don't know whether they are doing it as they are understandably secretive about their methods. I know it is deeply problematic, as even fake child porn is still illegal (even cartoon stuff, including some Hentai in some countries). But they have used questionable methods before, most notably running the dark web's largest site, Playpen, for over a year in order to identify contact offenders
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Am I hearing you that many people are NOT doing this for financial gain? Just to do it and share it?? Child exploitation, yes, it is mostly a sharing community. Some people make some money out of it, but it is not like drugs where a lot of people are making a LOT of money
On the subject of abused kids... did you ever help the kids in any way? I never met any of the kids. I never saw any of the photos and videos. I don't know who any of the kids are.
Daisy has been taken into care and her identity changed. I hope she is doing okay
What exactly does the dark web look like? You hear about it often, but don’t know if it looks like Google Chrome, Safari, or just a page full of code. It looks like a normal browser and operates just like a normal browser. It's just that it can access sites that your normal browser can't.
e.g. http://thehub5himseelprs44xzgfrb4obgujkqwy5tzbsh5yttebqhaau23yd.onion/index.php is the URL of a dark web forum. If you plug it into your normal browser you will get an error. If you plug it into the Tor browser you will get the registration page for The Hub
How do you keep yourself from hating all humanity? I am happy to report that, even on the dark web, the good people outnumber the bad
Hi! First off I'd like to say that I find what you do quite fascinating and would love to do something like that in the future. My question is in regards to art and other forms of artistic expression on the dark web. Is it true that the dark web is a place where you can also find awesome things such as art and literature? Not really, because all that stuff is readily available on the clearweb. There are sites like the Imperial Library of Trantor, which is a pirate site for books, where you can read thousands of books for free, but that's really no different to The Pirate Bay. Some people share their LSD art, but again, nothing you won't find on the clearweb
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Announcing TORwallet - an anonymous mixing bitcoin wallet

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A Tale of Stolen Bitcoin

I originally posted this on another thread, but I think it's a cool story that might help people realize that doing "blockchain laundry" is easier than it looks.
Side note, I don't think a three-letter agency has the capacity to do this analysis without compromising all the small exchanges.
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Deep web link | Tor (Anonymity Network) | Cyberspace - Scribd

http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ – DuckDuckGo Search Enginehttp://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/ – TORCH – Tor Search Enginehttp://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page – Uncensored Hidden Wikihttp://32rfckwuorlf4dlv.onion/ – Onion URL Repositoryhttp://e266al32vpuorbyg.onion/bookmarks.php – Dark Nexushttp://5plvrsgydwy2sgce.onion/ – Seeks Searchhttp://2vlqpcqpjlhmd5r2.onion/ – Gateway to Freenethttp://nlmymchrmnlmbnii.onion/ – Is It Up?http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/links.html – ParaZitehttp://wiki5kauuihowqi5.onion/ – Onion Wikihttp://torwikignoueupfm.onion/index.php?title=Main_Page – Tor Wikihttp://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion – The Hidden Wikihttp://idnxcnkne4qt76tg.onion/ – Tor Project: Anonymity Onlinehttp://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/ – TorLinkshttp://jh32yv5zgayyyts3.onion/ – Hidden Wiki .Onion Urlshttp://wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion/ – Hidden Wiki – Tor Wikihttp://xdagknwjc7aaytzh.onion/ – Anonet Webproxyhttp://3fyb44wdhnd2ghhl.onion/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
All You’re Wiki – clone of the clean hidden wikithat went down with freedom hostinghttp://3fyb44wdhnd2ghhl.onion/
All You’re Base http://j6im4v42ur6dpic3.onion/ – TorProject Archivehttp://p3igkncehackjtib.onion/ – TorProject Mediahttp://kbhpodhnfxl3clb4.onion – Tor Searchhttp://cipollatnumrrahd.onion/ – Cipolla 2.0 (Italian)http://dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion/ – TorDir – One of the oldest link lists on TorMARKETPLACE FINANCIALhttp://torbrokerge7zxgq.onion/ – TorBroker – Trade securities anonymously with bitcoin, currently supports nearly1000 stocks and ETFshttp://fogcore5n3ov3tui.onion/ – Bitcoin Fog – Bitcoin Laundryhttp://2vx63nyktk4kxbxb.onion/ – AUTOMATED PAYPAL AND CREDIT CARD STOREhttp://samsgdtwz6hvjyu4.onion – Safe, Anonymous, Fast, Easy escrow service.http://easycoinsayj7p5l.onion/ – EasyCoin – Bitcoin Wallet with free Bitcoin Mixerhttp://jzn5w5pac26sqef4.onion/ – WeBuyBitcoins – Sell your Bitcoins for Cash (USD), ACH, WU/MG, LR, PayPal andmorehttp://ow24et3tetp6tvmk.onion/ – OnionWallet – Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundryhttp://qc7ilonwpv77qibm.onion/ – Western Union Exploithttp://3dbr5t4pygahedms.onion/ – ccPal Storehttp://y3fpieiezy2sin4a.onion/ – HQER – High Quality Euro Replicashttp://qkj4drtgvpm7eecl.onion/ – Counterfeit USDhttp://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/pptobtc.html – PayPal to BitCoinshttp://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/doublecoins.html – Double Your BitCoinshttp://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/raw/4588/ – High Quality TutorialsMARKETPLACE COMMERCIAL SERVICEShttp://6w6vcynl6dumn67c.onion/ – Tor Market Board – Anonymous Marketplace Forumshttp://wvk32thojln4gpp4.onion/ – Project Evilhttp://5mvm7cg6bgklfjtp.onion/ – Discounted electronics goodshttp://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/raw/evbLewgkDSVkifzv8zAo/ – Unfriendlysolution – Legit hitman servicehttp://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/torgirls.html – Tor Girlshttp://tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.onion/ – UK Guns and Ammo
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If BitCoin transactions are 100% public, why would anyone use it for illegal transactions?

I owned a BitCoin mining rig, I have done some research on Tor, I understand the distributed nature of BitCoin and I just cannot wrap my head around the recent $1,000,000 Romney tax return extortion. The blackmailers were smart enough to steal some highly coveted documents, but how the hell do they think that BitCoin will help them move the money? BitCoin is distributed and thus all transactions are public record. I can understand small transactions (like those on the silk-road) and the BTC "bank" hacks because no law enforcement will take BTC seriously. If anything BTC only makes it worse because everyone will be watching the blockchain, only law enforcement would be involved in traditional money laundering.
So what the hell, am I missing something or do these people just not understand BitCoin?
Update: Laundry services are not anonymous. I've done some real research on strengthening the anonymity of the Tor network and all of the current services are riddled with newbie mistakes (like random timing, etc). Even quants have a hard time getting this stuff right: if a service cannot provide mathematical proof of it's anonymity guarantee, assume it's not anonymous at all.
The fundamental flaw with all of theses services is their use of a security model designed for nodes that are unable to coordinate with anyone beyond their immediate neighbors (i.e. Tor). BitCoin's transactions are all out in the open, each node knows what the other nodes have done. Even if the entire BTC network adopted a mix net, the number of nodes is small enough that a motivated attacker could easily perform a correlation attack.
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new huge onion link list

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PSA: Do not use TorShops, EuCanna, Peoples Drug Store or EasyCoin wallet.

Figured I should lay some good ol' Tor justice smackdown on whoever this is. If you don't want to get into the juicy details just read the title and store it in your brain for future reference. This entire thing really fucking rustled my jimmies and I'm going to get it out there.
Earlier I received an e-mail from someone frantically encouraging me to take down TorShops off the Cleaned Hidden Wiki. They alleged that the vendor stole $500 from them and that he'd actually faked a ton of feedback across various sites and even came up with elaborate forums/communities as a part of the operation. I get these e-mails once a week - occasionally from a legit scam, occasionally from a competing vendor trying to tarnish another vendor's reputation. The entire thing seemed really far-fetched and complex and didn't scream "scam" by any measures to me. That's usually the most dangerous kind of scam though; the one that looks like it could easily pass as any legitimate marketplace and doesn't cause a second glance.
However, I decided to investigate. I remember this vendor sending me an e-mail a while back, so I cracked open TrueCrypt, searched around a bit for archived e-mails (I occasionally keep them when someone asks me to add something to CHW - can become useful in events like these), and finally found it. He'd asked me to add 3 different links to CHW - EuCanna, EasyCoin, and the actual TorShops site. This maybe should've sent alarm bells ringing (this wide of a variety of products is rare unless you have a whole team working on it). I thought nothing of it, the sites looked pretty fancied up and it likely took effort to build them so I didn't worry about it too much.
Fast forward a bit, I see TorShops advertising on reddit. Not odd at all, some reasonable site operators advertise here when they want to get the word out about a service.
Fast forward to today. I check out EasyCoin. I notice the banner at the top of the page - it advertises the clearnet URL and .onion URL. I check out the clearnet site.
This is what sent me for a loop. The banner at the top didn't include any .onion address. In fact, I found no sign of an .onion counterpart at all on the entire site. This happens with scams all the time. I remember a Bitcoin laundry that blatantly ripped off part of Fog's descriptions and a clearnet site's interface.
The reason why I included Peoples Drug Store. This thread. Site located at this URL.
All of these drug sites include escrow. The escrow is provided by the drug sites. All of these sites appear custom-made except for EasyCoin (which is where this scam artist dun fuck'd up).
Moral of the story: Trust NO ONE in Onionland. Never go by appearances alone. Use a guaranteed third party escrow that isn't affiliated with the vendor. Make reviews regarding vendors in Evil|Wiki's Reviews page. Always warn others if you come across a scam.
Good luck out there, it can be a dangerous place.
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NB: Каталог onion сайтов

Русскоязычные ресурсы, или где есть ссылки на русскоязычные ресурсы в TOR.
Каталоги, wiki, поисковики:
http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion/ Поисковик в сети TOR
http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion — HiddenWiki
http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/ — Каталог онион сайтов
https://ahmia.fi/search/- домен в клирнете, но ищет в tor. По факту каталог с мордой поисковика
http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/links.html— Сборник адресов сайтов, в том числе и онион. Много мертвого, но покопаться можно
Торговые площадки и сервисы:
https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion — Зеркало в онион известного онлайн биткоин-кошелька. Дает из под тора регистрировать кошелек и делать переводы. Есть миксер. Интерфейс русифицирован.
http://rusilkusru6f57uw.onion —Russian SilkRoad. Торговая площадка на базе форума.Работает без JavaScript. Для продавцов статус дилера бесплатный, ежемесячных платежей нет, комиссия по факту сделки(платит продавец или покупатель по договоренности). Есть автоматический прием платежей. Моментальные магазины есть.
http://r2d2akbw3jpt4zbf.onion —R2D2. Торговая площадка на базе форума. Раньше регистрация была по инвайтам. Для работы требует включенного в браузере JavaScript. Статус продавца платный + комиссия (платит продавец или покупатель по договоренности). Автоматического приема платежей нет. Моментальных магазинов нет.
http://amberoadychffmyw.onion —Amberoad. Торговая площадка на базе форума. Для работы частично требует включенного в браузере JavaScript. Для продавцов статус дилера платный + комиссия(платит продавец или покупатель по договоренности) + ежемесячные платежи. Автоматического приема платежей нет. Моментальных магазинов нет.
http://www.lwplxqzvmgu43uff.onion— Runion. До недавнего времени информационный ресурс по безопасности. Сейчас добавили платные услуги по торговле. Написано, что есть автоматическая торговля. Комиссию платит продавец или покупатель по договоренности.
http://malina2ihfyawiau.onion —Malina. Торговая площадка на базе форума. Для работы требует включенного в браузере JavaScript. Статус продавца платный + комиссия (платит продавец или покупатель по договоренности). Автоматического приема платежей нет. Моментальных магазинов нет.
http://rospravovkdvaobr.onion —Росправосудие. Зеркало известного сайта в онионе.
http://ajyltarwd6xmvhlu.onion —Русский чат. Тематика не указана.
http://xz5sdhbwrm4vvkxh.onion —Киберберкут в онионе.
Englisn onion
Introduction points, forums, links, search engines, information, chat, personal blogs”normal sites”
The Hidden Wiki http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
The Uncensored Hidden wiki http://uhwikih256ynt57t.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Vault 43 (useful) http://vault43z5vxy3vn3.onion/
Imperial Library of TOR http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/
Yet another tor directory http://bdpuqvsqmphctrcs.onion/
Grams (search) http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/
The Hub (forum) http://thehub7dnl5nmcz5.onion/
Agora Forum http://lacbzxobeprssrfx.onion/
Onion soup (links n stuff) http://soupksx6vqh3ydda.onion/
TORUM (forum) http://torum4kqr55yqui6.onion/
Overchan (alittle of everything it seems) http://oniichanylo2tsi4.onion/
TORCH (search) http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/
French IRC Tor http://fitwebwmjekqsyrw.onion/
TORsearch http://kbhpodhnfxl3clb4.onion/
Yacy (search) http://yacy2tp5a2dhywmx.onion/
OnionDir (links) http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/
Burnout (links) http://burnoutxf6o2yvsw.onion/
TOR Hidden Service (search) http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/search/
Q&A(like yahoo answers) http://pequ3i77q5l4w4sw.onion/
Benji’s Blog http://sonntag6ej43fv2d.onion/en
Secret Stash (blog) http://dn4hcr3qhlpaiygr.onion/
Cruel Onion forum (forum for “bad* things) http://cruel2ijkqggizy5.onion/forum/
The Plague (links and things) http://zseijor556d5t4yf.onion/
Dark News (forum) http://xhb4vpn4a67sug7t.onion/
Spreadit (looks alittle like reddit) http://jdl3nf2hr3ehzyoc.onion/
Wizardry & Steamwork (search) http://kaarvixjxfdy2wv2.onion/
Myles Braithwaite http://gvvsa367g2zkzjj3.onion/
TOR links http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/
Nudist Paradise (site for nudists) http://qvchmzewlf4efhcw.onion/
DeepWeb Ministries (religios site) http://hxnibog5m2ocjeef.onion/
SIN Strategic INtelligence Network (be prepared for any situation) http://4iahqcjrtmxwofr6.onion/
Add any link (links) http://vizpz65utiopch7t.onion/
Shadow Life (news) http://shadow7jnzxjkvpz.onion/
Usenet file search http://wbyi72yt6gitdcqd.onion/
Liberty blog (free blogs) http://crylibertytwta4s.onion/
Intel Exchange (forum) http://rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion/
GUROChan (message board) http://gurochanocizhuhg.onion/
Maxima Culpa (virtual confessions) http://nsmgu2mglfj7za6s.onion/
Onion DIR (links) http://chl7b5p6rr64po3s.onion/
Leonhard Weese (personal blog) http://liongrasr5uy5roo.onion/
YHIMA (links) http://ogbinmlotgjwgkeo.onion/
Sanctioned Suicide (forum) http://suicideocymrgxq7.onion/
anon confessions http://confessx3gx46lwg.onion/
OnionNet (links news etc) http://ubbchzof2pxs4swi.onion/
Surveilance Law http://7vrl523532rjjznj.onion/
BLue Onion (books) http://blue3237xytrz5rk.onion/blueonion/
The Hidden Forum http://ewd5a7hnvc4necnf.onion/index.php
SImple Store http://dharyyzdhok5eudi.onion/store/
Bad Ideas Forum http://7x5rg44gkhtovwjt.onion/forum/index.php
FUD (discussion board) http://bssjumzkbj3vlhiy.onion/
Hidden links http://hidhost5gk6w7ahf.onion/hidlinks/links.php
Facebook on tor? https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/
FBI Chan http://fbichanc6yfagl4l.onion/
Readers Club http://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg.onion/
Weblog http://6e3i6bqjgnmtn3fu.onion/
Marketplaces and stores
EasyCoin – Bitcoin Wallet with free Bitcoin Mixer. http://easycoinsayj7p5l.onion/
WeBuyBitcoins – Sell your Bitcoins for Cash, PP and more. http://jzn5w5pac26sqef4.onion/
OnionWallet – Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry. http://ow24et3tetp6tvmk.onion/
EuCanna – ‘First Class Cannabis Healthcare’ http://rso4hutlefirefqp.onion/
Peoples Drug Store – The Darkweb’s Best Drug Supplier! http://newpdsuslmzqazvr.onion/
Smokeables – Finest Organic Cannabis shipped from the USA. http://smoker32pk4qt3mx.onion/
CannabisUK – UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier. http://fzqnrlcvhkgbdwx5.onion/
DeDope – German Weed and Hash shop. (Bitcoin) http://kbvbh4kdddiha2ht.onion/
BitPharma – EU vendor for cocaine, speed, mdma, psychedelics. http://s5q54hfww56ov2xc.onion/
Brainmagic – Best psychedelics on the darknet. http://ll6lardicrvrljvq.onion/
NLGrowers – Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from the netherlands. http://25ffhnaechrbzwf3.onion/
Kamagra for Bitcoin – Same as Viagra but cheaper! http://k4btcoezc5tlxyaf.onion/
Mobile Store – unlocked iphones and other smartphones. http://mobil7rab6nuf7vx.onion/
UK Guns and Ammo – Selling Guns and Ammo from the UK. http://tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.onion/
Rent-A-Hacker – Hacking, DDOS, Social Engeneering etc. http://2ogmrlfzdthnwkez.onion/
Onion Identity Services – Selling Passports and ID-Cards. http://abbujjh5vqtq77wg.onion/
HQER – High quality euro bills replicas / counterfeits. http://y3fpieiezy2sin4a.onion/
USD Counterfeits – High quality USD counterfeits. http://qkj4drtgvpm7eecl.onion/
USA Citizenship – Get a real USA passport. http://xfnwyig7olypdq5r.onion/
Apples4Bitcoin – Cheap Apple products for Bitcoin. http://tfwdi3izigxllure.onion/
ccPal – CCs, CVV2s, Ebay, Paypals and more. http://3dbr5t4pygahedms.onion/
EuroGuns – Your #1 european arms dealer. http://2kka4f23pcxgqkpv.onion/
UK Passports – Original UK Passports. http://vfqnd6mieccqyiit.onion/
USfakeIDs – High quality USA Fake Drivers Licenses. http://en35tuzqmn4lofbk.onion/
Tech, technology, computers, hackers for hire, hacking/anarchy related materials
MacLemon (security, news, links) http://fzybdgczph7xfdnr.onion/
TOR Status – Tor network status http://jlve2y45zacpbz6s.onion/
TorPGP public key server http://torpgp3ujaysucll.onion/
Altera Praxis (not sure what this is tbh) http://ncivdawfxihoh7sj.onion/about.html
keybase (some sort of hackestalker tool idk) http://fncuwbiisyh6ak3i.onion/
Tor Web Devolper (for hire) http://qizriixqwmeq4p5b.onion/
Web Programmer (for hire) http://kobrabd77ppgjd2r.onion/
Ozy’s Hacking Service (hacker for hire) http://ozy7mnciacbc5idc.onion/
Pioopioo’s Services (hacker for hire) http://rowtogxp2akwem6n.onion/
Hacker place http://hackerw6dcplg3ej.onion/
Parazite (anarchy info mainly) http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/
DNS support forum http://mj6vjwhtyahcj6fx.onion/
BitMessage mail gateway http://bitmailendavkbec.onion/
Keys Open Doors http://wdnqg3ehh3hvalpe.onion/
Hidden Service howto http://nfokjgfj3hxs4nwu.onion/
JRAT (java remote administration tool) http://jratoc334zo7zgis.onion/
FILTH (fuck i love to hack) http://om2ak3coziov3dbc.onion/forum/index.php
Onion Domains & MD5sums http://xlmvhk3rpdux26dz.onion/
Soylent News http://skgmctqnhyvfava3.onion/
Bluish Coder http://mh7mkfvezts5j6yu.onion/
Cable Viewer (idk what this is but its techy) http://leakager742hufco.onion/
Xerbot http://xfthw4bq7lx2y726.onion/
Hack Canada http://hackcanl2o4lvmnv.onion/
Imperial anarchist despotism http://rgeo5wj7gneidzh3.onion/
Directory Listing Denied (anon web ftp) http://wtutoxfznz45gf6c.onion/
Anarplex (some kind of computer anarchy) http://y5fmhyqdr6r7ddws.onion/
GhostDeveloper (freelance programmer) http://develggxuazrcokn.onion/
SKS Onion key server http://lbnugoq5na3mzkgv.onion/index.html
GNUPG http://ic6au7wa3f6naxjq.onion/
Cat facts http://2v7ibl5u4pbemwiz.onion/
Chess (game) http://theches3nacocgsc.onion/
Necro town (links n stuff) http://nekrooxwwskakacj.onion/
Encryption Password Generator http://pwgenmwi7eqsys76.onion/
rows.io jabber http://yz6yiv2hxyagvwy6.onion/
M5S leaks http://33pvcdba2nm3afnj.onion/
A cgi proxy http://x5yd2gfthlfgdqjg.onion/
FIT French IRC TOR http://fit2v7z4plpfyh2h.onion/
The Linux Documentation Project http://3c2rvufmbcggnqi6.onion/
Crypto Party http://cpartywvpihlabsy.onion/
Hive Archives http://thehivemwon6a5mp.onion/
txtorcon (python contril library for tor) http://timaq4ygg2iegci7.onion/
Rhodium (science stuff) http://rhodiumio4b7b4rm.onion/
Hackerspace Prague http://pmwdzvbyvnmwobk5.onion/
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Youth Rage forum http://neyigf7eragkp5nq.onion/forum/
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Wiki Leaks http://zbnnr7qzaxlk5tms.onion/
Zwitterion’s Domain http://3il6wiev2pnk7dat.onion/
Secure wildlife whistle blowing http://ppdz5djzpo3w5k2z.onion/#/
Freedom of the press foundation http://freepress3xxs3hk.onion/
the loli advocacy server http://lolikaastbgo5dtk.onion/
Global Leaks http://h73hx2munq7q465s.onion/#/
Tactical Technology http://hrkdpwrkh3lbow2l.onion/
Fund the islamic struggle http://teir4baj5mpvkg5n.onion/
Internet Governance Transparency http://k52lcjc5fws3jbqf.onion/
We fight censorship http://3kyl4i7bfdgwelmf.onion/
Anon Insiders http://imtrjn3qe2tzh5ae.onion/
Map Mos Maiorum (refugee help) http://iuektur6bicvfwcq.onion/ushahidi/
wiki leaks http://jwgkxry7xjeaeg5d.onion/
Anonymity, Security
includes secure email, chat, etc Anonet wiki http://xz2rtmpjjwvdw44p.onion/
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TOR chat roulette http://tetatl6umgbmtv27.onion/
SIGAINT (email) http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/
Offshore mail server http://inocncymyac2mufx.onion/
web/irc chat thing http://6ejbuiwnp77gu67h.onion/
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Bitcoin tumbling, also referred to as Bitcoin mixing or Bitcoin laundering, is the process of using a third party service to break the connection between a Bitcoin address sending coins and the address(s) they are sent to. Since the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records every transaction, mixing coins is critical for anyone who doesn’t want the entire world to know exactly where they send and store their BTC, or from where they receive it.
Properly mixing coins may seem like a daunting task to those who aren’t very familiar with Bitcoin, but it is actually a simple process that will only take a few minutes of your time for each deposit.
There are good reasons for everyone to mix their coins, but for those who use Darknet Markets in particular, it is a necessity. New tools are being built all the time to increase the ability of the public, as well as private corporations and government agencies, to follow coins through the blockchain and track those who use it. It may seem like a waste of time now, but in the near future it may be simple for anyone- including friends, relatives, employers, and law enforcement, to track every Bitcoin transaction you’ve ever made and see exactly where it ended up. Breaking the connection between your addresses and the coins’ destination by mixing them is certainly a precaution that all DNM users should take.
In this guide we attempt to provide the simplest possible step-by-step instructions to help users unfamiliar with the process of Bitcoin tumbling do so effectively. This guide assumes the reader already has a basic understand of how to send Bitcoins and how to use .onion sites.
To mix your coins using this method, you will need:
-Bitcoins, or the ability to buy them. -The Tor Browser -The ability to create new Bitcoin wallets, both via Tor and on the clear net. We recommended using Electrum, but any client that functions over Tor will work. Alternately, you could use Blockchain.info and their Tor hidden service to create all or some of your wallets.
NOTE: Always make sure you get the .onion link for this and every hidden service from a safe place (like Darknetmarkets.org), never from Wikipedia, Reddit, or Hidden Wikis! Also make sure that you never use the blockchain.info clearnet url over Tor; doing that opens you up another possible vulnerability (malicious tor exit nodes). A good place to make sure you are using the correct URL is from our Darknet Resources page, or memorize our short link for it: drk.li/BC.
The Steps
Step #1: Create a wallet on the clearnet. (We will refer to this as wallet #1)
Step #2: Buy Bitcoins, and send the amount you want to mix to wallet #1.
Step #3: Create a second wallet, this time over the Tor network. (wallet #2)
Step #4: Send your bitcoins from wallet #1 directly to wallet #2.
The reason for this is to add plausible dependability between your clearnet wallet and in-person purchases. If you are ever investigated by law enforcement or the company from which you are buying coins (this happens with Coinbase.com especially), you can reasonably claim that you sent them to someone else who controls wallet #2 (for whatever made-up reason you have in mind as your excuse for your BTC purchase). After that you have no idea/don’t care what that person did with them, nor should anyone expect you to.
Step #5: Create a third wallet, also over the Tor network. (wallet #3).
Step #6: Select which mixer you will be using, and set up your transaction there using the address(s) from wallet #3. It is best to use multiple addresses, and to set random time delays.
Scams are rampant everywhere online, and the darknet is no different. You can choose your mixer(s) and get the correct URLs from our list of darknet Bitcoin mixers.
We recommend Helix by Grams first, and then Bitcoin Fog, as the two seemingly best in a group of imperfect options. They have both been extremely reliable so far while processing millions of dollars. DO NOT use blockchain.info’s shared send or any other coinjoin product as your mixer, as those do not completely hide your trail like the others.
Mixers in DarkNet:
braveb6iyacflzc2.onion - BraveBunny
btcwashzcpqktkwt.onion - Bitcoin Wash
m2cylfgzmxwauyqz.onion - BTCmix
bitmixegkuerln7q.onion - bitmixer
cleancondgqja34b.onion - CleanCoin
cleanco.in - CleanCoin
foggeddq65qveh2g.onion - BitcoinFog
blenderi54mbtyhz.onion - BitcoinBlender
grams7eo7mkagczs.onion - Helix Light
laundryzlzgnni4n.onion - BitLaundry
NOTE: Turn off JavaScript before doing this step if you are using Helix, Bitcoin Fog, Bit Blender, or other mixers that function without it. (Click on the “S!” icon before the address bar in the Tor browser, then >Forbid Scripts Globally”.)
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The bad news for libertarian crypto-currency advocates

Obviously, crypto-currencies can be used as tax havens past the point of the exchange where they are purchased. I think the problem is that government, using ISP's, can always filter and stop traffic from crypto-currency clients. Bitcoin is a little bit less of a threat to taxation because of its public ledger, so perhaps they could let it take over, but what government could do is filter away traffic from all completely anonymous crypto-currencies. That could prevent wide-scale use of anonymous crypto-currencies. Once a crypto-currency network is outlawed or weakened, it can be compromised and become obsolete. Further innovation may be necessary to obviate filtering. While a combination of laundry services and Bitcoin may be the answer, I'm worried about some form of government crypto-currency with some of the centralization seen in alt-currencies. If one country or legal jurisdiction allows decentralized currency, then that currency may be subject to attack by the US and others.
Edit: Tor can only help so much. Only so many people can be bothered to use it.
submitted by blanket325 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Issues for crypto-currency tax evasion?

Obviously, crypto-currencies can be used as tax havens past the point of the exchange where they are purchased. But I think they have real vulnerability to the state. Government, using ISP's, can filter and stop traffic from crypto-currency clients, preventing widespread adoption. If ISP’s can throttle BitTorrent, then they can probably stop Bitcoin. Only so many people can be bothered to use Tor or other means. I'm not saying that p2p is ineffective; I'm saying that government can stop popular commercial bitcoin software from becoming a reality. Bitcoin is a little bit less of a threat to taxation from its public ledger, so perhaps they could let it take over, but what government could do is filter away traffic from all completely anonymous crypto-currencies. That could prevent wide-scale use of anonymous crypto-currencies. Once a crypto-currency network is outlawed or weakened, it can be compromised and become obsolete.
So, I think further innovation may be necessary to obviate filtering. While a combination of laundry services and Bitcoin may be the answer, what I think could play out is some form of government crypto-currency with some of the centralization seen in alt-currencies. Also, if one country or legal jurisdiction allows decentralized currency, then that currency may be subject to attack by the US and others. Am I wrong here? /Bitcoin got upset and whined.
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So exactly how secure is my privacy with bitcoin really? I have an encrypted HD, Tor, and I use a live CD to transfer my coins (more info inside).

How much resources would an attacker have to expend to find out my identity or steal my coins?
I have a generic laptop with an added SSD which has an Encrypted LVM Partition which runs Ubuntu. And when I transfer my coins to cold storage I use a Slax liveCD(just because) to connect to brainwallet.org through Tor and then I airgap my laptop before I generate a wallet and/or make a transfer. Once I finish generating my wallet or making a transfer, I then re-connect my laptop to the internet and send my transaction(I keep another wallet for everyday use). I know that an attacker could possibly detect the hardware which was running my liveCD, is this enough to ID me?
I know I can also use blockchain.info's bitcoin laundry to make my transfers even more anonymous.
Is all of this hokey-pokey really keeping my identity/bitcoins safe?
I am just curious about how anonymous/safe you can actually be if you are determined. Because if in the future, when bitcoin has gained a stable growth/acceptance, I would like to stash my life's savings under the bitcoin mattress and not have to worry. I want my bitcoins to live in an impenetrable vault.
Am I missing steps? Is there some kind of guide which I missed?
submitted by XxionxX to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoin is not Anonymous/Private and Will Fail if not Fixed

I ask the community to discuss this issue more seriously.
The ideal digital crypto currency has the three following pillars:
  1. Secure
  2. Decentralized
  3. Private/Anonymous
Bitcoin only has #1 and #2.
Bitcoin is not Private or Anonymous.
This is a MAJOR problem and I don't think the community gets it, based on comments I'm reading.
You think Bitcoin, as it is currently implemented, is going to take off change the world for the better? Think again. Bitcoin will not be accepted by the world to take over the $1Trillion+ transaction settling market because it's not private. In time, data mining the blockchain will reveal all, or almost all, relationships.
Could it be that the governments around the world are taking a lighter touch than expected because they realize that Bitcoin is not private and they will eventually be able to track every transaction every made? Why would Satoshi Nakamoto (whoevewhatever that is), obviously brillant genious, not see this coming? Why would Satoshi Nakamoto not realize that data mining would eventually map out all the transaction relationships in the blockchain?
Here is the problem:
The entire blockchain is visible to EVERYONE, and it contains the entire history and ledger of every Bitcoin transaction. Think of the blockchain as a giant jigsaw puzzle. At first it's hard to map all the relationships, but as you add more and more "knowns" the picture starts to emerge and tracing becomes easier and easier. "Knowns" are things like 1) when a Bitcoin address is posted publicly and is tied to a name, 2) if you've identified yourself to an exchange then your initial address is "known", 3) if law enforcement demands your Bitcoin address from a merchant then it's a "known", 4) if you address is "grouped" with other "knowns" like all the known Silkroad addresses, 5) probably many other ways to find "knowns". All these "knowns" are like pieces of the giant jigsaw puzzle that has been figured out, making it easier to figure out even more... and these "knowns" are forever permanent, creating an ever-growing base to continue piecing together the overall jigsaw puzzle. All it takes is some data mining and then relationships between Bitcoin addresses and transactions can be discovered easily running a few SQL queries. This has been known for years now.
Examples: --http://anonymity-in-bitcoin.blogspot.com/2011/07/bitcoin-is-not-anonymous.html --Recently, wikileaks started accepting Bitcoin donations. Many of the donators have been now been identified by data miners. --I'm sure that are many other examples
Constantly creating new Bitcoin addresses does not solve the problem because it doesn't pose any problem to data mining to connect all the relationships between all your addresses. Imagine you create a Bitcoin address that you post to your Web site for donations... it's not anonymous obviously. So you create a new address and send some bitcoins from the first address to the new one for use. There is and will always be a record of the transaction, tying the second address to the first address, and so on and on and on. It doesn't matter how long this chain of addresses is, as long as a single "known" is discovered, then entire chain is mapped. Another example is the grouping techniques described in the article link above. Even if there are no "knowns" on a given chain of addresses, mere association to a group can implicate relationships and create "knowns". (again see article above) There are probably many other technical data mining techniques that I know nothing about that can create more "knowns" to solve the blockchain jigsaw puzzle.
Imagine a future where if you want to know anything about anyone's purchases, you just go to a small private investigation firm that has a few computers and some data mining software. They have the blockchain jigsaw puzzle already mapped out in many ways. Maybe the private investigation firms sell their ever-growing maps to each other. You just give them a known Bitcoin address and they give you all the past relationships of that Bitcoin address. They can see if there is any association with Silkroad in the past, or any other "known" merchants that they've already associated and stored in their database. And keep in mind, merchants' Bitcoin addresses are hardly going to be private. They can know that one of your addresses is associated with a bar in Germany, or whatever, they start to paint a picture of who you are, where you are, what you buy, etc. They can know in some cases exactly where your money has gone, and where money has come in from and it's just a matter of time before they flesh out the entire blockchain jigsaw puzzle with known identities... with anchors/links to the real world.
You don't think the NSA is already doing this? That would be bad enough for the government to know forever every transaction you've ever made, but the blockchain is available to ANYONE. Any government, any country, any corporation, any institution.
You don't think some future super computer would be able to analyze every detail of the PUBLIC blockchain, finding all relationships, combining access other known identity databases?
Right now the only solution is to "launder" Bitcoins using a "trusted 3rd party" as a laundry service where they mix your Bitcoins with other peoples, so the Bitcoins you get back are not traceable. This is extremely problematic because of the trust problem. Some of the obvious problems are 1) Can you trust you'll get your Bitcoins back from the laundry service? 2) How do you know they don't keep logs, and then sell that information to the highest bidder who can then continue to map out the blockchain jigsaw puzzle? Those "laundered" relationships are also permanently on the blockchain, so if anyone had a log of the mixing, all is still known. 3) If the laundry service is on the web, how do you know the NSA, or some other government, hasn't forced them to provide all information to the government and have been also legally gagged from saying anything about it? 4) If the laundry service is on the dark web/Tor, then how do you know they aren't covertly set up by the NSA, or the Chinese government, or whoever, to track and trace for their own purposes?
I worry that Bitcoin will fail because of this flaw, this total lack of anonymity, unless it is fixed. The best solution I've seen so far is to implement Zerocoin in the Bitcoin protocol. Zerocoin uses the famous "decentralization" concept (think Bittorrent) and applies it to the concept of laundering. Adding Zerocoin to Bitcoin would add a built-in decentralized laundry which would anonymize every transaction, making it impossible to trace the same types of relationships that are currently possible to trace in the PUBLIC blockchain. This would make Bitcoin the most powerful currency in history of the world as it would be 1) Secure, 2) Decentralized, and extremely importantly, 3) Private/Anonymous. Then it would be off to the future.
(Thanks to a presentation on Zerocoin I saw on Youtube for helping me understand these ideas better.)
I don't know if all the ideas I described above are accurate, they are just possibilities and they seem plausible based on what I've read, and I know I'm not the only one having these concerns. This is why I'm asking the community to discuss and address the ideas/concerns in the post.
Please comment, and thanks for your time.
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[Table] IAmA: I am one of the first people to be charged with and convicted of using the Silk Road marketplace to import drugs in the UK. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-06-08
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How did you get caught? A package was flagged from Holland with my name and address on and police turned up to my house. They confiscated my phone, computer and laptop and found evidence against me.
What happened afterward? I'm assuming nothing too strict if you're on Reddit! I was bailed by the police and answered bail after 6 months.
I was referred to Magistrate's court and bailed for a further 6 months.
I was then referred from MC to Crown Court and bailed for yet another 6 months or so.
I attended Crown Court 5 times and was entering an early guilty plea. Looking at the guidelines my solicitor said it was 100% a custodial sentence and to expect 3 years at most with your credit. So after trying to plead guilty for 4 court appearances, the judge was still not happy with the case going ahead because the prosecution had missed things out and made errors. My solicitor was also pretty useless and the judge wasn't happy.
At my final appearance I gave evidence in the dock as the prosecution implied that I was a commercial drug dealer who was making a profit. I said that I wasn't making any profit and the drugs were intended to be sold on at cost price to close friends.
The judge made a call based on my character and ignored a lot of the evidence against me. He reduced the sentence down to 12 months, suspended for 2 years and gave me some community service.
Well, I'm glad you're off the hook, I'm personally very happy with the idea of all drugs being legal and regulated, I feel that would solve a lot of problems and get the help required for those who need it, but I've got to say. Well there was evidence of me selling ecstasy tablets to almost 20 friends over a ~12 month period. But I had stopped selling and the final order which was due to arrive 4-5 months after I had stopped selling was seized and led to my arrest. So the prosecution tried to draw inferences from the fact I had clearly sold ecstasy before to say that I was planning on selling this order too. But when giving evidence I said that this was my final order, 75% of the order was for friends and 25% was for me and my girlfriend.
Thank you for that clarification. Now I understand, and that seems completely fair, dismissing stuff as irrelevant rather than ignoring current evidence. No problem.
I have a question and it may be a bit shitty but why did you use your computer or phone to sell to your friends? I would think that if I were planning on selling drugs I would never use any medium which can be traced so directly to me whether it's on the phone or using facebook or whatnot. I have heard of a few cases where the people selling drugs were sending facebook messages to each other in a really basic code about buying them and it always struck me as a bit odd being that careless. Did the police discover your code quickly or did you explain it to them when you plead guilty and then they tried to use it in the prosecution? I never thought the police would have a reason to look at my messages. I was just sending normal messages discussing it and it was indeed, very stupid.
What was the quality of the drugs like? I heard importing from Silk Road almost ensured really good quality when compared with what you'd get from a dealer. It was always good quality. Some times a bit too good quality.
Speaking out of total ignorance, care to elaborate on "too good quality?" The MDMA that I received was always from the same presser. They pressed the Q-dance, Defqon, Partyflock and Mortal Kombats. There pills are notorious for being very high dosage but also to sometimes not contain the right synth to get the typical loved up MDMA feeling. So sometimes they would just destroy you and leave you sat on a couch with your eyes closed for hours...
Tell me more about the mortal kombats. They were ones that made the news about 'killing' some underaged kid. I never took them but they were from the same presser. I'm not sure if they were adulterated, faked or if the death was related to something else i.e. Leah Betts.
How did you end up getting caught? See below for how I got caught :)
I saw that you shipped to your own house, what do you think about that decision nowadays? I wouldn't never go back to ordering from the deep web. But it's a double edged sword ordering to your address because if you don't, the package could be scrutinized if the address/name isn't legit. But if you order to your house and it gets seized, expect more than a letter from customs.
Why didn't you just pretend you hadn't ordered anything and that some stranger was just sending you something? why did you let the police search your home? it doesn't make sense. I didn't want to seem guilty so I let them enter my house. They arrested me immediately and began searching and confiscated my items :)
I hate to ask you hypothetical questions, but do you think if you had refused them entry you would have been able to wipe you hard drives and perhaps avoid incriminating yourself so much? Can you detail what kind of evidence they were able to secure from your computer? I believe they would've found out I had a phone contract and accessed my phone text records regardless. But I could've possibly wiped any link to my facebook account and hid my phone and maybe they would've never checked. I'm not sure.
Im gonna have to say, reading your AMA you were a terrible drug dealer. no wonder you got caught. Yeah I'm sure I was :')
I feel really stupid for even trying to get away with it!
Are you an avid drug user? How were you planning to resell the MDMA you imported? How much did you import and how much did it cost you? What were your calculated profits? Only an avid MDMA user. Although recently I've been deciding to cut down completely and stop, whether this opinion changes in the near future, I won't know :P.
I was reselling through close friends and close friends were involved in the ordering and payment etc.
I don't want to say how much I imported in total but I had used the site for a year or so and my last order (which was seized and led to my arrest) was 100 ecstasy tablets.
I would guess that for 100 tablets you could make £600 profit by selling on the streets. But I think selling drugs on the streets and taking drugs to nightclubs to sell is pretty dumb in my opinion.
How do you feel about the controversies around Silk Road and other Online Black Marketplaces involving bitcoins being stolen by staff of the sites? If you read this article it'll give some insight into my opinion as I agree with some of his quotes and ideals...
Link to www.forbes.com
I believe the Silk Road for example wasn't just built to make profit. It was created out of an ideal and philosophy that really does speak to me. So if these staff members were stealing money etc it destroys the message and just makes the whole thing about greed. It makes me kinda ashamed that everyone is so greedy I guess.
How did you narrowly avoid jail time? Would you prefer to live in Greenland? I was pretty lucky in court. The judge assigned to my case was exceptionally lenient and made a speech about how I was a young person who had made mistakes but deserved a second chance. Sorry I forgot to reply to the second question; I don't fully understand why you asked it but no, I love my home town.
Do you think that the Silk Road helped decrease the violence associated with the drug trade by helping people avoid face-to-face meetings with drug dealers? I dealt with MDMA only and as you probably know the drug money/gang violence etc surrounding MDMA is extremely low compared to Heroin, Cocaine and Cannabis in the UK.
But from what I have read and from my general experiences I think it was helping to decrease it.
In the UK, most drugs are controlled by gangs and violent criminals so when they have less business because some dutch guy is in his house, weighing up bags of cocaine and sending them to the UK through the mail; then obviously there's less money going into the hands of the street dealers and gangs. But I can't say for sure whether the money isn't eventually funnelling into organized crime etc...
Presuming you were a regular user of Silk Road I presume you had alot of bitcoins built up. Did you sell them when they hit high price? Or were they seized presuming the police confiscated your laptop or computer? I actually didn't have any bitcoins left in my account when I was arrested. But I counted up the amount of bitcoins I had handled over a certain time period and if sold now would equate to hundreds of thousands of pounds...
Did you ship to your house or a safe location? I shipped to my house, yes. With a parent living here with me also.
Was it relatively easy to import drugs into the UK? I think a 12 year old could do it on a Mac Mini by watching a couple of Youtube videos... so yeah :P.
Do you support legalization of all drugs? Or partial legalization? Not at all. I think there should be more understanding of what "drugs" are. 'cause many things we intake can have harmful effects on the body but for some reason we are allowed to make the decision to put it in our body. But with other substances we're not allowed to make that decision. The way the system is set up is counter productive. Putting money into the wrong hands, encouraging violent/criminal behaviour and causing other problems like legal highs and research chemicals and stuff...
I think the decriminalization of the less harmful drugs would be better. But that could cause problems in the long term by encouraging people to turn to drugs, who otherwise wouldn't because it's illegal. I don't know!
Do you mind sharing your age with us? If so, how old are you? 24.
What steps did you take to not get caught? What steps should you have taken to avoid being found out? I obviously used Silk Road on TOR and I used bitcoins to pay which doesn't leave much of a paper trail back to myself. The problem was that if one suspect package got seized it would have my name and address on and instead of receiving a "love letter" from customs you would get police officers knocking at your door. Any evidence they find after knocking on your phone/computer can link you to the package. If you didn't have a single scrap of evidence on your computephone linking to the package you could deny the package was for you and probably face no charges.
So what was the evidence linking you to the package? Why were you unable to deny you ordered it? They had evidence on my phone openly discussing selling MDMA.
How many times, prior to you being caught, had you received packages? Numerous is all I want to say really :)
What do you think made this package different from the others that caused it to get flagged? Since frequency wasn't the issue. When you successfully received packages prior, did you ever think, damn I wish they would have been more careful? I saw it more as bad luck. I knew there was a chance of it getting seized and I was unlucky enough for it to have my name on. I don't know if the package was different as I never saw it. Maybe it was bad timing as they had sniffer dogs or were scanning items the day it came into the port.
Are you sure your in the clear to be posting this. Don't want you to end up in more trouble. No idea. Everything I have said in the thread has came out in court and I have been punished for it. So I don't think they can charge me again for something I have already admitted?
What do you use now? If you mean to buy drugs, I get them off friends but only rarely these days.
If you mean which drugs, just MDMA.
Uhhh...you really wanna admit to that after you got a suspended sentence with a laundry list of restrictions, one of which surely is not to buy or sell any more controlled substances? When I left court the judge said to me that next time I am out and I am offered a pill, to make my own decision. He told me that no one could stop me taking drugs and making my own decisions but just know that taking drugs got me here in the first place and it can lead down this road again.
I have cut down and plan to quit in the future.
The judge was telling you to make better decisions. He was not telling you that it's ok to do drugs. You've posted more than enough in here to land you in jail. Do you think what I have posted here could land me in jail? How so? I have been charged and convicted of what I did wrong with ALL the facts coming out. Are they going to charge me again for the same things? If I hypothetically murdered someone and got sent to prison, when I get out if I speak about it do I get charged again?
Yah but doing drugs AFTER your trial is a whole new set of crimes. I'd... not do that or talk about it. Taking drugs isn't a crime. Possession is.
Do you regret your actions? Yes, deeply. I had the worst 18 months of my life. Something like that hanging over your head, unsure whether you will be in prison or not. Horrible stuff!
How much did your solicitor & legal fees cost? How stressful was it, it sounds like a long drawn out process. It was in fact free, due to legal aid :)
How did you get into it in the first place? Was it already quite well-established when you got involved? I've known a few people who ordered things (and received them, and been very happy with quality!), but I've never known a seller, so also would be really interested to know what you did to set it all up in the first place. Side question - were you bricking it when you sent out your first orders? :) Ahh I think you misunderstood. I wasn't using Silk Road to sell anything. I just used it to buy. It was pretty easy to get into... there were youtube guides and blogs with guides etc.
Do you feel as though you have done anything wrong? Yes, I thought I could get away with selling drugs to people and I couldn't. I don't believe I am a bad person for doing it but it was definitely a mistake.
Unless I'm misreading you; you seem to think your mistake was getting caught and it was a mistake because of it. If you weren't caught do you think you would have stopped or carried on? Do you consider yourself a drug dealer? I considered myself a drug dealer but not a street dealer. I actually despised the kinda people who I had to previously buy drugs off and that's what drove me to Silk Road. I think I gave in to the fact it was so easy and started selling.
What I meant in my earlier post was I was wrong to think of myself as above the law or better than the law and to think I could do this. Not that my mistake was getting caught. My mistake was definitely getting involved in the first place. Getting caught was actually a good thing I guess because it could've been much worse. I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and move on. Also the ordeal tested my relationships to the max and everyone stood by me so it's made me realize a lot.
Looking back. Would you have done anything differently? How do you feel the police acted towards you throughout the process? Looking back the police where in fact, hilarious. They did a whole cliché good cop bad cop routine which I didn't realize at the time. I was treated with respect by the police and have respect for them doing there jobs. One police officer was a bit rude and patronizing to me but I'm sure he is just a miserable person in general.
If I could go back. I wouldn't sell a single ecstasy tablet to anyone. I still think buying off Silk Road for personal use has it's advantages but obviously now for me that ship has sailed.
You cite that you adhere to the libertarian ideals of silk-road, though, you also say that you aren't a big drug user and only use MDMA. - Would you say that you decided to start importing moreso to make some money? Or rather, to live up to, and contribute to the values that you cite? Originally I was importing to have good quality, safe MDMA and to support the ideals we've mentioned. But eventually when you get encouraged to sell it you do feel the instinct to make money. However much I dislike that instinct.
Let's put a hypothetical on that instinct (back when you were an importer) - If you had had the opportunity to make some good money from some much harder and more damaging drugs such as crystal meth/heroin, would you have considered doing so? Or is there a stage at which you draw a line in the sand? I wouldn't have got involved in any other drugs ever.
What did you buy, and how much did you order? Ecstasy tablets, 100 in my last order, with numerous orders before.
Did you ever get sold fake pills and if so how did you respond? Not from Silk Road. I've had bad experiences with other dealers. Pills that were PMMA. I responded by having a pretty bad weekend and never going back to that particular person.
Why dis you only sell Molly and no other drugs? I don't like other drugs. Weighing up the pros and cons of other drugs and MDMA is the only one I choose to risk to take.
Red or Blue? ;) Red :)
Did the person who sent them to you get caught too? No idea.
Just curious, what's your favorite kind of music ? Plenty: house, disco, techno, garage, hip hop, stuff from the 80s etc.
Would you ever consider going back to selling? No.
Did the dealer on the silk road have a high review rating? Do you know how the drugs were contained? Also please delete the post where you say you buy from friends now, especially with your name being in your proof. The silk road seller had a high rating yes. He was very reliable. I don't think I want to discuss how they were contained. Let's just say it was stealthy.
How has this screwed your personal life? It did screw with my personal life for a long time. My girlfriend was worried about me possibly not being around. My family suffered and going to court and being on bail messed with my job etc. But now everything is great. Everyone who was supposed to stand by me did so :)
What client did you use to connect to the dark net? Vidalia?
Do you know how your package got flagged? That's the scariest part about SR, because you never know if your package is going to make it through without suspicion. No idea. 100 tablets was my biggest order so it might have been because of the quantity.
How long did you successfully order drugs to your house for before you got caught? Did it take a long time? Maybe 6 months.
What if I buy 10 tablets for personal use? Will I be charged with the same thing? I worry for people I know who do this... If they come from abroad you face Importation charges for personal use.
Did you ever end up on the spice merchants site of the same name accidentally? Yes. Yes I did.
Did you not have a login/password required for your computer and phone or were the police able to get past it? They didn't require any info from me to access my phone records. They did it through the phone network (Three). They didn't access anything on my computer apart from Facebook messages which were through Facebooks server.
How did they access your Facebook account? Were they able to pinpoint how you placed the order; that it came from the Silk Road? Once they were aware that you had been using TOR, did they conduct any further computer forensics? Did they discover your bitcoin stash? Had they not been able to access your facebook account, would there evidence have been limited to your phone records and the package? The main evidence was phone messages and inferences that they drew from those. They had no idea what TOR was throughout the whole case. They also had no idea what Silk Road was. (police/prosecution/defence/judge)
What's the largest non-legal repercussion you've had to deal with as a result of your conviction? I don't understand what a non-legal repercussion is. Telling my family? paranoia/anxiety about the situation? Community Service? Having to inform future employers of a criminal record? etc?
I probably could have been more specific. I meant things like how your family reacted, etc. Things aside from the courtrooms and police officers. My girlfriend was very anxious, worried, depressed. We had to tell her family also and that was hard (especially her dad). I had to tell my family and everyone was upset but stood by me. I had to tell the owners of the business I work for and they stood by me also.
Holy shit, you didn't lose your job? I was, in fact told, that my job would still be available to me after my custodial sentence(if that happened) :)
Wouldn't you agree that the birko tranny is better looking than the secombe tranny? Is the birko tranny the one on the bike? I don't know what the seacombe tranny looks like sorry.
Well you were lucky there! But i always was curious since i first heard of the silk road, how do they sent the drugs to your address without them being seized/found at the various post offices, customs, xray scans etc? And how did you come up with the courage to order drugs to be sent to your address for the first time? My knowledge of customs is that they don't scan all items and don't have sniffer dogs all the time. They can't physically check every package.
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Bitcoin Mixers

Hi there, most of people who use darknet should to use mixing services to stay fully anonymous it makes impossible to track your transactions, that`s why i decided to make this list share other links in this topic, please
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links de la deep web 2015 How to Use Tor Browser and go inside Dark Web CONFIRMED ACT - Daliso Chaponda  BGT: The Champions - YouTube how to access and use the dark web Does a laundromat make money? - YouTube

Bitcoin Laundry is here to help you keep your bitcoin transactions anonymous and private. When you start a mix with us, we exchange the bitcoins you send us with coins from our reserve pool that can't be traced to your identity or your previous transactions. To be extra safe we also offer options to delay your payout and send it to multiple addresses. We keep our fees low and reserve pools ... Though Tor assures a secure and anonymous way to browse the deep web or dark web, yet it is not enough and using a VPN will take care of your vulnerable information not letting it get leaked. Once, your VPN is active and you have a Tor browser, you are all set to access the Deep Web Links by entering the address or the .onion Links on the search engine or address bar of Tor browser. Deep web links covers – Tor websites, Deep web site, Darknet websites, dark web sites list, dark web websites, onion websites, hidden websites, tor websites list, etc., We have given a bunch of deep web links below, but before accessing those links know what is deep web and safety tips to access the deep web. The deep web is the hidden part of the internet. The deep web links are not indexed ... Bei Bitcoin Laundry hast Du die volle Kontrolle über die beim Reinigungsvorgang entstehenden Daten, die Du auch sofort selbstständig von unseren Servern löschen kannst. Wenn Du Dich dagegen entscheiden solltest Deine Daten selbst zu löschen, behalten wir die Logs für sieben Tage um Die bei Rückfragen zur Verfügung zu stehen. Nach sieben Tagen werden alle Daten automatisch von unseren ... Bitcoin Laundry offers crypto users the chance to anonymize their ... through the Onion search engine. It works best with Tor browser, so make sure you have it. If using a mobile device, you can use Orfox browser and Orbot to help you launch Tor. Payment Limits We’ve already pointed out that Bitcoin Laundry’s fee is small enough to afford for everyone. But there are certain limitations to ...

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links de la deep web 2015

See more from Britain's Got Talent at http://itv.com/talent From single-life woes to 'swapping' household items, comedian Daliso cracked us up from start to ... Today may of us are interested towards hacking And dark web. Let me explain what is dark web According to Wikipedia The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay ... Here's a update to my laundromat business now that one of many of my videos EXPLODED. I appreciate everyone that's becoming interested in my laundromat conte... Eugene & Samantha –Providing news, insight, and commentary on the cryptocurrency space Follow Us @ https://twitter.com/coffee_bitcoin https://www.facebook.co... In this video i am going to show you how to use Tor browser and go inside dark web,please don't try this with your computers because it is illegal and you may be punish for this,i had made this ...